Influencers and their role in today’s digital world

It’s evident that a paradigm shift has occurred in the ways in which companies advertise their products & brands today. A booming usage of streaming services and social media has drastically impacted the traditional form of advertising. But, what’s even more intriguing is the fact that the companies these days are approaching several social media influencers as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

Yes, it’s true! An influencer simply mentioning about the product in their posts is much more likely to attract more people to know about the product, rather than the company just posting fancy advertisements about their product. Scroll down to know more about their emerging importance in today’s digital world.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is a popular figure who has the ability to influence the behaviour, actions and thinking process of the people. Depending upon the number of people following them, the influencers can be divided into three broad categories:

Power of the Influencers

  1. Determining the right target audience: Targeting the right audience is extremely important in order to be able to sell the products. This challenge can be made easier with the help of influencers as they enjoy people’s trust.They know what their audience likes and helps in connecting the companies with the potential customers.However, it’s important to know that the influencer promoting the product must be related to the company’s niche and his/her personality should end up being lucrative for the overall brand image of the company.
  2. Brings a sense of credibility/trustworthiness : No influencer would ever want to lose its followers. Therefore, only after the careful examination of the products and company, do they endorse it. Based on their honest feedbacks, the company is able to garner the trust of the audience, who sooner than later become their loyal customers.
  3. Strengthening brand awareness and SEO rankings: Influencer’s word-of-mouth advertising increases the visibility of the products in no time. Therefore, their huge reach definitely adds value to the company and its products. They undoubtedly have the potential to improve the website’s search engine rankings by encouraging more people to visit the website.
  4. Transforming audience to potential customers: Influencer marketing can really help businesses and companies to a great extent, when it comes to customer acquisition. Influencer’s create content that is user-centric and are able to engage with the audience. Therefore, their role is an accelerated marketing funnel process as companies are able to segregate the potential customers from the audience and are then able to convert them into frequent buyers.

What about celebrity endorsements?

Celebrity endorsements were once considered extremely important and necessary as they played a pivotal role in the field of product advertising. However, the tables have turned now and it is the micro-influencers who get the maximum offers from marketers. As per a research, influencers with smaller audiences are able to achieve higher engagement rates and have more affordable partnerships rates.


Therefore, companies need influencers in order to expand their customer base and achieve growth. Besides this, they also help them in generating greater revenues. In fact, 90% of the marketers think that their ROI (rate of interest) of influencer marketing is better than ROI of their other marketing initiatives.